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Welcome to the Shasta Wiki

Hello 🌎! We've decided to create this wiki, to gather all the important information of Shasta in one place.

If you feel like contributing to the wiki, like changing or adding things, feel free to create an Issue or submit a Pull Request at

Why are we building Shasta?

At Shasta we believe in freedom and establishing the foundations of the future of blockchain can allow individuals to use crypto around the world in the easiest possible way.

What is Shasta?

Pay your ☕️ 🎸 🏝 with crypto

Shasta is the new standard in blockchain, on the Ethereum blockchain.

With Shasta, you can now pay and request money with crypto to any business out there. It’s fast, safe, easy, and crypto-friendly!

We are working on a solution to enable everyone in the world to access the blockchain and buy their ☕️ 🎸 🏝, anything in a simple way.

Built on Ethereum, a global blockchain for running unstoppable applications. Shasta aims for people to operate with crypto in a simple and decentralized manner, which can empower any person to be a marketer or a consumer, through fair prices, marked by the people who are inside this network.

This platform will allow users to interact easily in the market and choose the lowest price without barriers or intermediaries.

The management of payments, receipts and all the detailed information is done through an intuitive user-friendly interface.

Community channels

Upcoming events

  • Inside Blockchain by @holablockchain at ImaginCafé (Barcelona). Oct 18.
  • Devcon4, the annual @Ethereum family reunion at Prague Congress Center (Prague). Oct 30 — Nov 2.
  • Aracon, governance, and DAOs by @AragonProject at BOLLE Festsäle (Berlin). Jan 29 — Jan 30.

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The 'Shasta' Marketplace Or How To Free Your Energy To Power The World


Shasta platform

Shasta dapp to operate with energy on the ethereum blockchain.

Github: Shasta Platform

Shasta OS

The Shasta logic smart contracts behind Shasta platform.

Github: Shasta OS


Founding Team

Alex Sicart is the Founder of Shasta.

He is a Forbes 30 Under 30 and Imagine Silicon Valley scholar 2016. Prior to creating Shasta, he created FileNation, with it you can easily share your files around the world through a new P2P technology called IPFS (InterPlanetary File System).

Sicart had already dabbled in energy prior to this new project he’s now embarking on: he won an Audi scholarship to spend a summer in Silicon Valley with two colleagues, where they developed the Sharge app — an app which connected owners of electric car charging stations with electric vehicle-owners wanting to recharge their cars.

Contact: [email protected]

Dev Team

Full-stack web developer, smart contract engineer. Telecommunications Science and Postgraduate in blockchain technologies at UPC University.

Contact: [email protected]